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About us

Argal started its business a hundred years ago with a small shop on the famous Calle de Estafeta in Pamplona, well known fot its San Fermín bull running festival. Right from the beginning, Argal worked with the finest raw materials, continuously improving its plants, incorporating cutting-edge technology into the industry while maintaining respect for tradition in the processing of its products.

Today, Argal remains committed to quality, development and innovation in a wide range of good and natural products, such as cured and cooked ham, ibérico products, cold meats, fuet (thin Catalan cured sausage), turkey, sliced cold cuts, paté... and other ready-to-eat products. It has three of the most advanced production facilities in Europe, located in regions with the greatest tradition in the production of meat products. It exports to over 30 countries and has a team of over 750 employees.

After 100 years of business, Argal is one of the most recognised companies by consumers both for its history and the quality of its products and for its ability to innovate.

Enjoying an Argal product means tasting all the experience accumulated over a century, with respect for the original recipes, the quality of raw materials and dedication to the development of good and natural products.

Our secret is to llok towards the future without forgetting our past.

This is the key for keeping the trust and loyalty of our customers and being a company sanctioned for its excellence in the quality of its products.

The care in the preparation of our products allows us to offer quality and a unique experience which is appreciated in the final result. At Argal we tantalise new palates every day.